2 years of When I Grow Up: passed with flying colours


25 November 2021

Many things go into building a better world, but perhaps none are as important as education. Education can empower people, reduce inequalities, end poverty, and start progress. So the sooner we can all access it, the brighter our lives will be.

This is why our When I Grow Up programme is so close to our heart – and essential.

We launched it in 2019 to help parents create a positive home learning environment for their little ones. Despite many challenges, our programme has ended how we hoped it would: on a high.

2019-2021: getting kids school and life-ready

The 3 projects that make up the programme – Doorstep Library, Tales Toolkit and Parental Engagement Network – have each had their fair share of milestones. But while 2020 slowed things down a bit, it also pushed us to get creative and look for innovative ways to learn during disruptive periods. Without further ado…

All hail Doorstep Library as:

  • They started new read and play sessions for under 5-year-olds and their parents
  • Their website got a new addition dedicated to parents, with age-specific guides on how to read with their eager beavers
  • During lockdowns, kids enjoyed books landing on their doorstep
  • 95% of parents noticed how much their kids started to love reading
  • 476 kids under 12 took part in weekly reading sessions, where they were encouraged to read for pleasure

Give it up for Tales Toolkit for:

  • Creating a home learning website in response to schools being closed last year – 415 families have already signed up
  • Winning a grant to boost their fantastic work in 70 new schools in London
  • Excellent feedback from families whose kids are using the Tales Toolkit framework in class
  • Helping little Shakespeareans use their own vocabulary to write and draw their stories

Kudos to Parental Engagement Network as:

  • More families engaged with the project than initially expected
  • Teachers gained the right know-how, skills and confidence to work with parents who aren’t involved as much in their kids’ school life
  • Families saw how important it is to support their kids’ ongoing learning
  • Over 1,500 children participated in the Mouse Club literacy sessions during its first year of launch

Let’s start more futures like these

We think it’s very important to tackle educational inequality for kids before they reach school – our When I Grow Up programme has done just that. Preparing them for the world and its endless opportunities. 

Want to help drive this change? It’s actually easier than it sounds.

If you’re an OVO member, you can support our charity through your online account. 100% of your kind donation will go straight towards projects like these – and we’ll match everything you give. So, together, we’ll double the good!

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