2019: our biggest year for giving

It’s been a truly amazing year for OVO Foundation, as we celebrated our 5th anniversary, and invested £2m+ in projects to help give young people a better future in the UK and abroad.


19 December 2019

2019. It’s been the year of giving (and then some!). Alongside our employee-led volunteering scheme, OVO Gives Back, where we’ve invested £100,000 in our local communities, we’ve:

  • Scaled up Project Jua for its second phase and will electrify 300 more schools and health clinics
  • Welcomed the first Future Builders in Sheffield to their newly renovated property  which means we’ve now created 52 homes for young homeless people
  • Celebrated our one year anniversary with PEN and provided almost £250,000 in funding to support even more early years projects


Thanks to all of our partners, volunteers and members who support us, we’re proud to say it’s officially been our most charitable year, ever! We’ve drawn on some highlights of what we’ve achieved together this year.

2020, here we come!

That’s the amazing progress we’ve made across our four key projects over the past year, and we’re not stopping there. We’re heading into the next year with open arms, aiming to open up even more opportunities for young people to build a better future for themselves. 

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