Behold! The huge power of Tiny Forests

Climate Changers is a series of partnerships that give children and young people in the UK the knowledge, skills and confidence to help fight the climate crisis from their own communities.


1 November 2021

We’ve partnered with Earthwatch Europe to help create 12 Tiny Forests in deprived areas of the UK.

One of these Tiny Forests has been planted by children from Queensmead Primary Academy in Leicester. More trees are always a good thing, but these Tiny Forests are also used as living outdoor classrooms to teach children about the environment and sustainability. 

All the students got stuck in and helped dig, plant, mulch, measure, and record. “Wow, that’s a lot of trees!” said one student, Faud, when they were done. Faud’s absolutely right – each forest absorbs 450-600 kg of carbon after 4 years of planting. So they’re up to 30x better at absorption, compared to other tree-planting schemes.

The school’s principal, Liz Latham, was very grateful for the Tiny Forest. “Our school is in the top 10% of socially deprived areas in the country” she said. “We want to promote future aspirations and provide experiences that pupils wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.”

For some students, it sparked up an interest in the scientific side of environmental work. One student, Jess, loved the suspense of seeing what was under each biodiversity tile, while Chase enjoyed identifying tree species and “seeing the precise data”. 

But all the students seemed to get something from the experience. Daniel was happy because insects were getting a new habitat, the smell of the trees made Alexi-Rose smile and John thought it was cool, “because we will get to see the forest grow with us”. 

The Tiny Forest has already had a huge impact on pupils and staff, and the excitement has even sparked new environmental projects in the local area. Mission accomplished!

This little patch of biodiversity wouldn’t exist without the support of our kind members. Make a donation today and 100% of it will go straight towards programmes like Climate Changers.

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