This Clean Air Day we’re shining a spotlight on our partnership with the British Lung Foundation and the inspiring actions of Amani, a young campaigner.


8 October 2020

The Project

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest clean air campaign. One of its aims is to highlight how we can all tackle air pollution through our actions. This will not only help to protect our health but also the environment.

Today, we’re celebrating our work with the British Lung Foundation through the ‘OVO Gives Back’ programme. Since 2019 the ‘Clean Air for Children Monitoring Project’ has been installing air quality monitors in and around schools and playgrounds in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. Together, parents, children and young people use the data from the monitors to campaign for improved air quality.

Amani's story

Amani is a student from Liverpool. Through taking part in the OVO Foundation funded project and installing an air quality monitor, she discovered that the air outside her school was over the legal limit. She found this to be a particularly shocking discovery since her school is in one of the leafiest suburbs of Liverpool.

The data that Amani has collected will be a focus of the Liverpool Clean Air Parents Network’s campaigning around her school and others nearby. They’ll also be looking at how to use the discovery to adapt the popular walking routes to local schools.

We are completely inspired by Amani’s great work to help improve air quality for future generations. You can find out how OVO Foundation is helping more children and young people to take action for a sustainable future here.

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