Earth Day 2021 – a day to celebrate all climate changers

This Earth Day we're celebrating our £1-million climate changers programme.


22 April 2021

Making a wish for the planet this Earth Day

We’ve got a real thing for the planet here at OVO Foundation. So this Earth Day, we want to look back on the many ways we’re giving carbon a hard time.

It all comes under one big name: Climate Changers – the £1-million programme we launched last year to support our world-changing ambition, Plan Zero. It includes 3 projects designed to have a real impact on the climate crisis. Read on…

Passionate young people loving the planet

We want to create a better, fairer world for all children to live in. Which is why our fantastic projects focus on inspiring and showing kids how they can protect planet Earth for years to come.

By giving them the right skills to bring environmental ideas to life, make their schools more energy efficient, and communities greener. So that for the next Earth Day, the planet will look one year younger.

Great Tiny Forests popping up all over the UK


What better gift for the planet than putting over 600 trees in an urban space? As part of Climate Changers, we’ve already planted six tennis-court-size woodlands in Oxford, Bristol, Glasgow (Scotland’s first!), Leicester, Birmingham and Wolverhampton

These Tiny Forests are amazing outdoor classrooms where kids can learn about nature. Locals can connect with wildlife. Tiny insects and cute birds can make a home. By 2023, these Tiny Forests will absorb on average up to 7.2 tonnes of carbon a year!

With the help of our buddies at Earthwatch, we’re about to build green spaces like these in other cities too. Here’s to an exciting future.

And here’s to you, beautiful planet! 🌻

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