Who are OVO Foundation's trustees?

We have five trustees – three of them are independent and two are from OVO.

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Is OVO Foundation a registered charity?

Yes, the OVO Charitable Foundation (‘OVO Foundation’) is a registered charity (registration number: 1155954) and company by guarantee (registration number: 08908420). Its registered address is 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 6ED.

OVO Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet on a quarterly basis. They’re responsible for providing strategic steer and key decision making to the team. They act as a critical friend to OVO Foundation to ensure it’s able to carry out its purpose and deliver against its aims and objectives.

How is OVO Foundation funded?

OVO Energy members have the option to donate to the Foundation alongside paying for their energy at any point of their contract. When members make a monthly donation, OVO Energy matches that amount – doubling our power to make positive changes. OVO Energy also cover all administration and staff costs, so 100% of donations go straight to our amazing projects

Who are OVO Foundation funding?

We’re currently working with the following organisations:

Project Jua

  • Energy4Impact

Future Builders

  • 1625ip
  • The Benjamin Foundation
  • Roundabout
  • The Rock Trust
  • End Youth Homelessness

OVO Gives Back 2019/20

  • Action for Conservation
  • British Lung Foundation
  • Clean Up Bristol Harbour
  • Off the Record
  • Square Food Foundation

The impact of Coronavirus means that some of these partnerships will be extending their OVO Foundation funded activities into 2021.

OVO Gives Back 2020/21

  • Beam
  • Caring in Bristol
  • Dunfermline Food Bank
  • Greenspace Scotland
  • Rowlands
  • Square Food Foundation
  • The Matthew Tree Project

Climate Changers

  • Action for Conservation
  • Earthwatch
  • Energy Sparks

Read more about our brilliant partners and learn more about the work they’re doing by visiting our projects page.

How can I donate to the OVO Foundation?

At present, only OVO Energy members are able to donate to the Foundation. When you switch to OVO or renew your contract, we’ll ask if you’d like to make a donation. If you do, it’ll be added to your monthly statement (your Direct Debit amount won’t change).. You can also opt in, or change the amount you’re donating, anytime during your contract via My OVO. And with OVO Energy matching every penny, there’s even more reason to donate.

How does OVO Foundation manage applications for funding?

Unless we put out a specific call for applications, we don’t consider funding requests. We have a clear process for finding and funding projects which includes conducting research, engaging potential partners, and piloting projects.

You can read more about our funding strategy here.

How does OVO Foundation support the Sustainable Development Goals?



We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our projects. Here’s how:

SDG 3 – Good health and wellbeing 

Through Project Jua, we’re electrifying health clinics in rural Kenya, so that life-saving equipment can be powered, and fridges containing vaccines can be kept running.


SDG 4 – Quality education

Our early years project focuses specifically on inclusive education. By engaging parents, creating a positive home learning environment, and focusing on the development of language and vocabulary we’re helping ensure children from less advantaged backgrounds have the best start in life. 

Our Future Builders project provides young homeless people with access to education or training. Giving them knowledge and opportunities that they might have missed out on in school.

In Kenya, we’re electrifying schools in the hardest-to-reach parts. This means the lights can be kept on at night, children can study longer, and educational equipment can be powered for the first time. 

Our Climate Changers projects provide children and young people with  knowledge and skills on sustainability issues, helping them build their confidence in taking action on climate change for years to come.


SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy

Project Jua is all about supporting positive health and education outcomes through energy access. We’re working in some of the most remote parts of Kenya to bring power to people who’ve never had it before. 


SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth

Future Builders gives young homeless people access to opportunities that they might not have otherwise had. By supporting them through traineeships and wraparound support, we’re helping them gain the skills and confidence they need to access decent work. 


SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

Through Future Builders, we’re turning derelict houses into homes. By bringing properties back into use, we’re addressing the shortage of adequate houses especially move on accommodation for young homeless people in the UK. 

Building sustainable communities is at the heart of our Climate Changers programme. We’re committed to connecting children and young people to inclusive and accessible green spaces, and empowering them to contribute to the creation of sustainable communities, particularly in areas of deprivation. 

OVO Gives Back is our way of contributing to the creation of sustainable communities in the areas we live and work. We’re committed to supporting community charities, networks and spaces that do vital work to improve the lives of people living locally. 


SDG 13 – Climate action

Through our Climate Changers programme, we focus on funding projects that empower children and young people in the UK to take action on climate change. Including reducing energy consumption in schools to avoid CO2 emissions.

Can I see OVO Foundation’s annual report and financial statements?

Yes. The latest annual report and financial statements of OVO Foundation submitted to the UK Charity Commission are available for download here.

Do you publish your grant giving information?

Yes. Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants since 2016 are available here.

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