Who are the OVO Foundation's trustees?

We have 4 trustees – 2 of them are independent and 2 are from OVO

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Is the OVO Foundation a registered charity?

Yes, the OVO Charitable Foundation (the ‘OVO Foundation’) is a registered charity (number: 1155954), and company by guarantee (company registration number: 08908420). Our registered address is 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS1 6ED.

The OVO Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet 4 times a year. They’re responsible for giving us a strategic steer and helping with key decision making. They act as a ‘critical friend’ to the OVO Foundation to make sure we carry out its purpose, and deliver on what we need to do.

OVO Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who meet on a quarterly basis. They’re responsible for providing strategic steer and key decision making to the team. They act as a critical friend to OVO Foundation to ensure it’s able to carry out its purpose and deliver against its aims and objectives.

How is the OVO Foundation funded?

OVO members have the option to donate to the OVO Foundation alongside paying for their energy, at any point in their contract. When members make a monthly donation, OVO matches that amount – doubling our power to do good! OVO also covers all administration and staff costs, so 100% of your donations go straight to our amazing projects

Which charities and organisations is the OVO Foundation working with?

We’re currently working with:

Project Jua

  • Energy4Impact

Future Builders

  • 1625ip
  • The Benjamin Foundation
  • Roundabout
  • The Rock Trust
  • End Youth Homelessness

OVO Gives Back 2019/20

  • Action for Conservation
  • British Lung Foundation
  • Clean Up Bristol Harbour
  • Off the Record
  • Square Food Foundation

The impact of Coronavirus means that some of our partners are extending their OVO Foundation supported work into 2021.

OVO Gives Back 2020/21

  • Beam
  • Caring in Bristol
  • Dunfermline Food Bank
  • Greenspace Scotland
  • Rowlands
  • Square Food Foundation
  • The Matthew Tree Project

Climate Changers

  • Action for Conservation
  • Earthwatch
  • Energy Sparks

Read more about the brilliant organisations we work with, and learn more about what they do here.

How can I donate to the OVO Foundation?

Only OVO members can donate at the moment. When you switch to OVO or renew your contract, we ask if you’d like to make a donation. If you do, it’s added to your monthly statement (your Direct Debit amount won’t change). You can also opt in, or change the amount you’re donating, anytime during your contract via My OVO. And with OVO matching every penny, there’s even more reason to donate.

How does OVO Foundation manage applications for funding?

Unfortunately, we can’t take funding requests. We’ve already got a process for finding projects which includes research, engaging potential partners, and piloting projects.

You can read more about our funding strategy here.

How does the OVO Foundation support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

The SDGs are a collection of goals, designed and set up by the United Nations. Here’s how we’re tackling them with our projects:

SDG 3 – Good health and wellbeing 

Through Project Jua, we’re bringing solar power to health clinics in rural Kenya, so that life-saving equipment can run properly, and important vaccines and medicine can be kept cool in fridges.


SDG 4 – Quality education

We’re proud to be supporting projects that are giving every child a fairer future. We’ve done the research and we know where we can make the greatest difference. 

Thanks to our Future Builders project, we’re also helping young people break the cycle of homelessness, through education and training. 

Health, education, and jobs all depend on access to energy. Which is why Project Jua is doing such good work, installing solar panels in rural Kenya. Clinics now have power for medical equipment, and school children are able to study by light in the evenings! A win for health and education. 

With our Climate Changers projects, we’re inspiring the next generation of nature conservationists, by funding local environmental projects for kids, in places that really need support. 


SDG 7 – Affordable and clean energy

We’re installing solar panels in Kenya, continuing to give over 300,000 people in remote schools and health clinics, clean and renewable energy. Thanks to a little sunshine, we don’t need dirty fossil fuels!


SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth

We’re breaking the cycle of homelessness, by giving young people training and education opportunities they might not have otherwise had.  By supporting them like this, we’re helping them with the confidence and independence they need to get good jobs. 


SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

We put our efforts straight into the heart of communities. That’s where we can do the most good. 

Through Future Builders, we’re turning derelict houses into homes. By fixing up these buildings, we’re helping ease the housing shortage for young homeless people in the UK. 

As part of our Climate Changers project, we’re planting 12 Tiny Forests in deprived areas. They’ll become outdoor classrooms across the UK, where children will learn about nature and the climate crisis. 


SDG 13 – Climate action

We’re helping to teach kids about the climate crisis, through our Climate Changers project giving them the tools and skills they need to change the world. Including helping them make their schools more energy efficient, by saving C02!

Can I see OVO Foundation’s annual report and financial statements?

Yes. The latest annual report and financial statements of the OVO Foundation submitted to the UK Charity Commission, can be downloaded here.

Do you publish your grant giving information?

Yes. Using the 360Giving data standard, our awarded grants from 2016 – 2021 are available here.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can view a copy of the license here. This means the data is free to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. However, data must be attributed to the OVO Foundation.

What is your safeguarding policy and what are your expectations of your partners’ conduct when it comes to safeguarding?

Our Safeguarding Policy sets out the Foundation’s commitment to safeguarding from harm those children and vulnerable adults that may come into contact with its staff and employees of the Group during the course of its charitable work, including work with its charitable partners. 

We also have Safeguarding Procedures which set out the Foundation’s guidance for Staff and Volunteers to follow if they suspect or know of a child or vulnerable adult being abused. 

Our Safeguarding Code of Conduct is in place to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of children and vulnerable adults coming to harm
  • Protect Staff and Volunteers from allegations of harm or incidents of inappropriate behaviour against children and vulnerable adults
  • Ensure everyone – Staff, Volunteers, children and vulnerable adults – feels safe, respected and valued

From our partners, we review their safeguarding arrangements as part of our original due diligence. This means we expect evidence of safeguarding policy and procedures (including training), including a record of any incidents within the last 12 months. The organisation must be graded excellent or good to be recommended to the board and funded by OVO Foundation. Where ‘satisfactory’, the grant will be conditional and/or subject to the organisation agreeing to improve and/or having targets to improve in this area.

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