We’re not the same as many other Foundations because we don’t accept grant applications. Instead, we do our own research into big social issues and then work with relevant partners to create and deliver innovative solutions to the problem. We prefer to develop fewer and more targeted interventions to have a radical impact on people’s lives, rather than fund lots of smaller projects. 


Our approach to funding


We’re innately curious and know that we have to understand the problem we’re trying to solve in order to be an effective organisation. We made a decision early on to not consider unsolicited grant application. Instead, we research our areas of interest to identify critical gaps in funding and service provision.


There are plenty of experts out there and we’d be foolish to not seek their opinion. So once we’ve decided on a particular problem area, we’ll get a second view (and a third and a fourth!) to help validate our assumptions and any ideas we might have. We also use this time to scope out smart and pioneering organisations to collaborate with.


Once we’ve got a concept that sounds like it’s got potential to deliver real change, we’ll crack on and pilot it. We’re very hands-on from conception to delivery and work closely with our selected partner at every stage. Along the way, we’ll share learnings from our project with others doing similar work in the sector.


A pilot’s a pilot and we know that we’ll need to make iterations before scaling. But first things first, we must have proof that the concept works and use the evaluation to really understand where we’re adding value. Scaling is the most exciting bit and with  effectiveness at the forefront, we can be sure we’re maximising impact.

Our funding principles


It sounds so obvious but we must be able to measure the impact. If outcomes can be measured in the short term, we’re able to quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t.


We’ll only get behind a solution if it demonstrates potential to be scaled. This means there must be a need elsewhere, but also that the solution can be delivered effectively. 

Minimal viable product

We always pilot before making further investment. Our projects or delivery model can be easily iterated over time to maximise impact and efficiency. We also make a conscious effort to share any learnings within the relevant sector.


We will always stick to our areas of interest and expertise. Projects that don’t align with our aims and objectives or overall vision to give young people a better future won’t be considered. 


We fund projects when we believe we can add real value. For us, the value is there if the project wouldn’t exist or wouldn’t be scaled if it wasn’t for our investment. 


We make fewer but more substantial investments to have a bigger impact on people’s lives. If it wasn’t for our intervention, it would otherwise take years to achieve the same impact.


This one’s easy – simple ideas always win.

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