OVO Foundation’s 2021 highlights

From planting trees to installing solar panels – it’s been a busy year for our charity! Here’s what the OVO Foundation’s done this year to help build a brighter future.


20 December 2021

2021 has been an incredible year for our charity, the OVO Foundation. We feel privileged to have supported lots of incredible projects, and helped tens of thousands of people across the world. This year alone we’ve invested almost £780,000 in projects that are helping to give kids and young people a greener, fairer future. 

Yes, the news can feel challenging to hear right now. But that’s where good news stories need to come in! Like these – our awesome OVO Foundation highlights of 2021: 

From Oxfordshire to Kenya, we’ve kicked carbon across the globe

The OVO Foundation’s work contributes to Plan Zero: OVO’s 10-year vision to drive progress towards zero carbon living. And in 2021 we made great strides! 

The amazing Project Jua team stopped 7.2 tonnes of carbon emissions by installing solar panels in Kenyan schools and health clinics. While back here in the UK, we planted  6,000 trees to create 10 Tiny Forests for local schools and communities.

We’ve also helped tackle youth homelessness in UK cities

The wonderful folks at our Future Builders programme have continued to support young people out of homelessness. To date, we’ve helped 184 young adults take positive action to build their own better future. Future Builders gives young people the skills they need to turn derelict houses into homes: giving them a roof over their heads, and the chance to transform their new-found skills into a lasting career!

And we’ve supported The Wildlife Trust through 502 volunteering days

Lots of our team members across OVO Energy have joined in the fun too. This year there have been 502 “Plan Zero days” where our OVO teams get to pull their wellies on, pick up a shovel, and do something good for people and the planet. 

…not to mention the ground-breaking studies and press appearances 

While our volunteers and future builders have been working hard, it’s also been busy at OVO Foundation HQ. We appointed 2 new trustees, updated our policies to better reflect the Charity Governance Code – and we’ve helped our partners navigate the challenges of Covid-19. 

We even delivered a Social Return on Investment study with brilliant results. It proves that for every £1 invested in our projects,  £10 of “social value” is created. And we were featured in the Guardian and the BBC – in the same week! 

The last year has certainly had its share of challenges, but we’ve seen amazing progress made every day. And we can’t wait to see what we’ll do together in 2022. Greener, fairer future – we’re coming for you…

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