OVO Foundation’s response to Covid-19 and a message to our partners

In light of the recent, challenging and uncertain circumstances, OVO Foundation is ensuring there is sufficient support in place for our current partners in the coming months.


25 March 2020

Many communities and organisations will be hugely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, with much resource and time being stretched. During unprecedented times, it becomes increasingly more important to come together in unity and provide help and support wherever we can. We have signed the Covid Funders Statement, and have committed to the following:

  • Our partners may experience setbacks in project delivery, meaning the originally agreed outputs and outcomes may be impacted. Our aim is to maintain our grant payments to our partners, and we will be working closely to support them and provide flexibility to ensure they are still able to achieve their outcomes.
  • If there are concerns that deadlines may not be met, we’re open to adapting and agreeing to extensions. 
  • Some financial flexibility may be needed to support immediate priorities, sickness and other unexpected costs. We will assess and accommodate additional funding requests where relevant.


Most importantly, we’re continuing to listen to our partners and are encouraging them to remain open about any further changes. We are assisting each partner on an individual basis to find the most suitable approach, giving them the flexibility to speak to us whenever they feel is right. Furthermore and regarding our recent call for applications, we have extended the deadline by an extra week until 30th March 2020. 

We encourage all of our partners to reach out if further support is needed and reassure them that we are here to help wherever we can.

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