OVO Gives Back 2019/20: Our brand new line-up

Every year OVO employees nominate and vote for the charities they want to support - an initiative we call 'OVO Gives Back'. We're so excited to support more community projects than ever for 2019/20 and to see how our new line-up can change the world.


7 August 2019

£100,000. Five deserving charities. And an army of OVO volunteers.

This year’s OVO Gives Back is set to be a community-changing whirlwind of good. With lots of projects that help children and young people set to benefit. Here’s what’s on the agenda.

Bring nature into young people’s lives. That’s Action for Conservation’s big mission. To achieve that, they’ll work hand in hand with some of our biggest nature fans here at OVO to help school students come up with planet-friendly projects that will also connect them to nature.

British Lung Foundation is fighting the public health crisis caused by air pollution. And, as part of their work with the Clean Air Parents Network, they’ll join a bunch of OVO volunteers to set up pollution monitors in and around schools and playgrounds. The goal? A big one: to show how pollution impacts the lives of our children. Next step? A bigger one: to get policy makers on our side and campaign for better air quality.

Clean Up Bristol Harbour is all about tackling the litter and plastic pollution in our waterways. And what better way to do this than by litter picking in and around the harbour? This year they are looking to develop an educational programme for children. We’ll be there along with an impressive group of plastic-fighting kids.

Off The Record is offering mental health support, education and community development to young people aged 11 to 25. Next year, they’re creating a brand-new ‘Peer Navigator’ programme – which will give young people an open mic and help them talk about mental health with their peers. We’ll be there every step of the way through a series of workshops, feedback and advice.

Tackling food poverty, reducing inequality and improving people’s health. Square Food Foundation has a lot on their plate. And there’s where we come in – helping them deliver free cookery workshops for children, and support young people and families to build skills and reduce hunger.


Nobody said solving some of the world’s most critical problems was easy. But we’re getting one step closer. Watch this space.

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