Project Jua: on stage at Imperial College London

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We've been working on Project Jua with Imperial College London to look into appropriate sizing for off-grid systems.


19 April 2021

Project Jua has electrified more than 300 schools and health clinics in remote regions of Kenya – and we’ve learned lots along the way.

We did all this by using off-grid systems. Unlike on-grid ones, these aren’t connected to the national electricity grid. And in places like rural Kenya, such stand-alone systems are the only option to turn the lights on.

To see how amazing these systems can be, the folks at Imperial College London turned the pilot phase of our project with Energy 4 Impact into the subject of a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures thesis.

Sharing the learnings

These off-grid systems, made of solar panels and battery packs, were meant to give access to affordable and clean electricity. So designing them correctly was essential:

  • Under-sizing could result in power being unavailable
  • Over-sizing could create unnecessary costs (that’s money that could be used elsewhere)

To see how we found the right balance, you can read the thesis here. We hope its findings and recommendations will come in handy for other energy projects like this.

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