Sustainable Futures: OVO Foundation’s Call for Ideas and Proposals

OVO Foundation is excited to launch a call for ideas and proposals aligning with our vision for a sustainable future.


25 February 2020

OVO Foundation is launching a new strategy in 2020 with sustainability at its heart. Our vision is for all children and young people to have equitable access to a sustainable future.

This means OVO Foundation will focus more on funding projects that address issues relating to energy and climate change as they affect children and young people. We know that achieving this vision will be driven and supported by people at a local community level taking action to address global issues that affect everyone, demonstrating the potential of small actions to drive big change.  

We are looking for projects that create sustainable communities with and for children and young people while also helping them to gain knowledge and take action. 

OVO Foundation is committing approximately £1 million of funding for up to three projects for three years. We’re interested in hearing from a diverse range of potential partners who are at different stages of developing and delivering their projects.

Our call for applications is now closed and we’ll be updating you soon on our progress!

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