We have been planting some positivity through our partnership with Earthwatch Europe.


2 February 2021

Last year, we launched our new vision and £1 million Climate Changers programme with three brilliant partners over the next three years. At the heart of our vision is helping children and young people live in and build sustainable communities.

One of our partners is Earthwatch Europe, an environmental charity working to connect people with the natural world and take actions that create a positive impact on the environment.

During our partnership we’ve pledged to help Earthwatch create 12 Tiny Forests – dense urban woodlands the size of a tennis court planted with 600 trees – and we’re thrilled that on 28 January work began on the first in Barton, Oxford, ahead of the planting season ending in March.

As well as creating green spaces for the community, the Tiny Forests will create educational environments, breaking boundaries of classroom-based learning, allowing children to better understand the environment and sustainability. You can read more about their benefits here.

We have more Tiny Forests planned across the UK and can’t wait to visit them when permitted and safe to do so. Stay tuned as we’ll also be letting you know where you can find your nearest Tiny Forest!

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